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Workshop “Distribution and Aggregate Demand” – Roma Tre University, 2012

“Distribution and Aggregate Demand”, 10-15 September 2012 Rome, Roma Tre University 

The workshop intends to foster contacts and scientific exchange between young researchers and expert scholars in the Classical Approach to economic analysis. Organization of the activities will centre around a series of structured lectures by senior scholars, presentations of papers by young researchers with discussion by senior scholars, plus a number of seminars and roundtables on specific issues.



Provisional Program

The morning lectures will be structured in three main courses on the following topics:
A) Classical and neoclassical theories of distribution
B) Aggregate demand, growth, development
C) Wages and distribution in the modern classical approach

Provisional list of seminars and roundtables: 
– Wages and distribution in USA and Europe, 1970-2011
– Normal prices, capacity utilization and gravitation
– Patterns of growth and development in emerging economies

Young researchers’ presentations
Papers by young researchers are encouraged on all themes related to the Classical Approach, especially on the above-mentioned topics. Each paper will be presented in a seminar and discussed by at least one senior participant.

Lectures and seminars will be given by

Enrico Bellino, Sergio Cesaratto, Roberto Ciccone, Giancarlo de Vivo, Saverio M. Fratini, Fabio Freitas, Andrea Ginzburg, Heinz Kurz, Sergio Levrero, Cristina Marcuzzo, Murray Milgate, Gary Mongiovi, Man-Seop Park, Sergio Parrinello, Fabio Petri, Massimo Pivetti, Fabio Ravagnani, Alessandro Roncaglia, Neri Salvadori, Franklin Serrano, Antonella Stirati, Attilio Trezzini

Organization Board

Tony Aspromourgos
Gary Mongiovi
Antonella Palumbo
Man-Seop Park
Franklin Serrano
Paolo Trabucchi

Applications are encouraged by graduates, Master students, PhD students, recent PhDs, young lecturers.

Deadline for applications: June, 15th










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