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AFIT – Eighth Annual Student Scholars Award Competition

The Association for Institutional Thought – Eighth Annual Student Scholars Award Competition

 The Association for Institutional Thought (AFIT) proudly announces the Eighth Annual AFIT Student Scholars Award Competition. The aim of AFIT is to encourage undergraduate and graduate students in Economics and Political Economy to pursue research in topics within the Institutional Economics framework. Awards will be made to the three best papers. Winners are expected to present their research during a special session at the Annual Meetings of AFIT, held during the Western Social Science Association’s Annual Conference at the Grand Hyatt, Denver, April 10-13, 2013.


Winners will each receive:

1.      $300 prize

2.      One year student membership in AFIT

3.      Paid WSSA Conference Registration

4.      Paid admission to the AFIT Presidential Address Dinner

Winning papers must be presented at the special AFIT session in order to be eligible for the prize. Prizes will be presented during the AFIT Presidential Address Dinner.

Application Procedures and Deadlines

Papers must be between 15-25 pages in length, including references and appendices. An entry must include author, educational affiliation, and email address.  They should be submitted electronically (preferably as a pdf) by December 1, 2012 to:

Daniel Underwood

Professor of Economics & Environmental Science
Peninsula College

E-mail:  DUnderwood@pencol.edu


Winners will be notified by 1/30/13.

Papers of last year’s winners are found at: http://www.associationforinstitutionalthought.org/division.php?page=graduate_students


For more information about AFIT visit our website at site at www.associationforinstitutionalthought.org/










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