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Steve Marglin: Por Que Sobrou Tão Pouco da Esquerda?

“The problem then is ideology. It was the acceptance of the Western view of knowledge that made India’s elites revere their British rulers and immobilized their powers of resistance. It was Gandhi’s genius that he understood the need to attack this ideology as the precondition of independence. It is the tragedy of the post-colonial era that Gandhi’s message has been lost in the undiscriminating acceptance of the Western view that more is always better, the failure to understand economic growth as chemotherapy for the cancer of poverty-necessary in context but almost as poisonous as the malady it is supposed to cure. The dominance of E-knowledge has had important consequences for the organization of work under capitalism. Despite the necessity of T-knowledge to any production process, workers as well as bosses have accepted that T-knowledge is at best a somewhat illegitimate and deficient form of E-knowledge. This shared understanding has not only legitimized and thus empowered capitalists in their project of controlling the workplace. It has also limited the ability of workers to resist the project of capitalist domination.” – Steve Marglin, Why Is So Little Left Of The Left?


  1. 3 April, 2012 at 18:24

    Para aqueles que quiserem saber um pouco da história do professor Steve Marglin, cliquem aqui:


    Marglin foi o único economista de esquerda a conseguir permanecer em Harvard depois da limpeza ideológica do departamento no início dos anos 1970.

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