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A Pós-Grande Indústria no Século XXI

Post-Large-Scale Industry: General Intellect as the Center of Capitalist Accumulation” é o título do working paper de José Paulo Guedes Pinto, professor da UFR-RJ, que foi apresentado na última conferência da Historical Materialism em Londres, 10-13 de novembro de 2011. Disponibilizo aqui o artigo e os slides da apresentação. Abaixo segue o resumo do trabalho para os interessados.



Post-large-scale industry: general intellect as the center of capitalist accumulation

José Paulo Guedes Pinto



This paper is an attempt to establish a more rigorous Marx based approach to understand what is new in the world capitalist society. It starts showing how contemporary “macroeconomists” Marxists authors interpret the recent economic crisis as a crisis of capital accumulation by focusing their analysis on the levels of the profit rate within the national economies. In this sense, we explore David McNally’s thesis since he enriched the macro analysis bringing even more concrete factors to explain the period after the 1980s. Althought his main explanation of the recent crisis is due mainly to the over accumulation, he uses the financialization approach to explain why did it take a couple more years to the economy enter in a global slump. We shall see that those approaches are not enough to explain what is happening with the production process in the recent period of capitalism, neither to give an adequate political advising to the left, because they don’t take into consideration the fact that capital subordinates production with a new intensity and in a brand new way, what have changed the very nature of subjection of work to capital, and along with this, the whole form of society reproduction. We follow Eleutério Prados’s (2005) theory that shows that the last quarter of the XX century is a period when production is very dependent to the collective intelligence what gives again importance to the subjective side of the workers. Now, capital, in order to keep accumulating, becomes more oppressive than before, spreading its chains to the intellectual sphere and the whole life of the working class. Fact that also points the exhaustion of the mode of production itself as such.

Keywords: rate of profit’s tendency to fall, financialization, large-scale industry, neoliberalism, class struggles, politics.


Clique aqui para baixar o artigo completo em PDF.

Clique aqui para baixar os slides da apresentação em PDF.




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