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The Mark Blaug Prize in Philosophy and Economics

The Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics is committed to supporting and encouraging the work of Young Scholars in philosophy and economics. This new academic prize is intended to promote and reward the best of such scholarship. The prize is named in honour of Professor Mark Blaug, a founder of the field of philosophy and economics who has made a tremendous scholarly contribution to many areas of the history and philosophy of economics. Mark Blaug’s generosity and commitment to Young Scholars is recognized by all who know him. The prize includes a cash sum of 500 Euros.



Entry Requirements:

To qualify for the Mark Blaug Prize the author has to be a Young Scholar, defined as someone who as of January 1st 2011:

  • is currently enrolled as a graduate student, or
  • graduated in the preceding 12 months

You may be asked for evidence of your eligibility.

Young Scholars should submit a single-authored article for publication in EJPE in the usual way before the end of December 2011, and mention that you would like to be considered for the prize. Co-authored papers where all authors are Young Scholars are also eligible. Prize submissions should not include articles previously published or under consideration elsewhere. For more information about submissions, see the EJPE Call for Papers.

Articles that pass peer-review and are accepted for publication will be considered by a committee of experts and the winner will be announced in April 2012.




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