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Entrevista com Eric Hobsbawm sobre Marxismo e Globalização

“the crisis of Marxism is not only the crisis of the revolutionary branch of Marxism but in the social democratic branch too. The new situation in the new globalised economy eventually killed off not only Marxist-Leninism but also social democratic reformism – which was essentially the working class putting pressure on their nation states. But with globalisation, the capacity of the states to respond to this pressure effectively diminished”

“What is still possible is that the working class forms, as it were, the skeleton of broader movements of social change. A good example of this, on the left, is Brazil, which has a classic case of a late-19th-century Labour party based on an alliance of trade unions, workers, the general poor, intellectuals, ideologists and varying kinds of left [wingers], which has produced a remarkable governing coalition. And you can’t say it’s an unsuccessful one after eight years of government with an outgoing president on 80% approval ratings. Today, ideologically, I feel most at home in Latin America because it remains the one part of the world where people still talk and conduct their politics in the old language, in the 19th- and 20th-century language of socialism, communism and Marxism”

Eric Hobsbawm – The Guardian


(*) Agradeço ao colega Ian Seda por ter enviado o link.


  1. Eugênia Loureiro
    9 March, 2011 at 19:31

    Não li toda a entrevista, mas o que li achei bem interessante. Me lembrei de um texto de Lenin “Imperialismo estágio superior do capitalismo”, estou pensando em reler. Mas em uma passagem ele comenta sobre os monopolios e oligopolios como exemplo de economia planificada. O problema é que essa planificação reverte em benefício apenas para uma casta muito reduzida de acionistas etc. De qq forma mostra alguns aspectos do marxismo leninismo que ainda requerem atenção.

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