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Who Are These Economists, Anyway?

10 January, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Em 6 de Setembro de 2009, Paul Krugman escreveu no New York Times Magazine:

“Of course, there were exceptions to these trends: a few economists challenged the assumption of rational behavior, questioned the belief that financial markets can be trusted and pointed to the long history of financial crises that had devastating economic consequences. But they were swimming against the tide, unable to make much headway against a pervasive and, in retrospect, foolish complacency”.

Discussão essa que se iniciou com a pergunta da rainha da Inglaterra sobre a razão da falha dos economistas em prever a atual crise econômica. Neste post disponibilizo o link para um texto de James K. Galbraith, que responde tanto à provocação de Krugman quanto à provocação da rainha britânica.

O referido texto assim inicia:

“In two sentences, Professor Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in Economics for 2008 and in some ways the leading economist of our time, has summed up the failure of an entire era in economic thought, practice, and policy discussion. And yet, there is something odd about the role of this short paragraph in an essay of over 6,500 words. It’s a throwaway. It leads nowhere. Apart from one other half-sentence, and three passing mentions of one person, it’s the only discussion—the one mention in the entire essay— of those economists who got it right. They are not named. Their work is not cited. Their story remains untold. Despite having been right on the greatest economic question of a generation—they are unpersons in the tale.”

Clique aqui para ler o texto completo em PDF.


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