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Pierre Bourdieu: Neoliberalismo Como Destruição das Coletividades

O professor e sociólogo francês Pierre Bourdieu escreveu em maio de 1998 (quatro anos antes de sua morte) um artigo para o jornal Le Monde Diplomatique, na França, cujo título é “A Essência do Neoliberalismo“. A idéia central é a de que o chamado Neoliberalismo é um projeto político que visa principalmente destruir as coletividades e reduzir a noção de racionalidade à racionalidade individual.

Cito aqui alguns trechos:

“That said, this “theory” that is desocialised and dehistoricised at its roots has, today more than ever, the means of making itself true and empirically verifiable. In effect, neoliberal discourse is not just one discourse among many. Rather, it is a “strong discourse” – the way psychiatric discourse is in an asylum, in Erving Goffman’s analysis (2). It is so strong and so hard to combat only because it has on its side all of the forces of a world of relations of forces, a world that it contributes to making what it is. It does this most notably by orienting the economic choices of those who dominate economic relationships. It thus adds its own symbolic force to these relations of forces. In the name of this scientific programme, converted into a plan of political action, an immense political project is underway, although its status as such is denied because it appears to be purely negative. This project aims to create the conditions under which the “theory” can be realised and can function: a programme of the methodical destruction of collectives”

“And yet the world is there, with the immediately visible effects of the implementation of the great neoliberal utopia: not only the poverty of an increasingly large segment of the most economically advanced societies, the extraordinary growth in income differences, the progressive disappearance of autonomous universes of cultural production, such as film, publishing, etc. through the intrusive imposition of commercial values, but also and above all two major trends. First is the destruction of all the collective institutions capable of counteracting the effects of the infernal machine, primarily those of the state, repository of all of the universal values associated with the idea of the public realm. Second is the imposition everywhere, in the upper spheres of the economy and the state as at the heart of corporations, of that sort of moral Darwinism that, with the cult of the winner, schooled in higher mathematics and bungee jumping, institutes the struggle of all against all and cynicism as the norm of all action and behaviour.”

Clique aqui para ler o texto na íntegra em inglês.

Clique aqui para ler o texto na íntegra em francês.

Agradeço à Anilyn Diaz por ter enviado este link.


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