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Study Abroad Programme at Venezuela

7 September, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

While the personality of Hugo Chavez monopolizes the headlines and the mainstream media reduces complex issues to simplistic soundbites, the reality of the Venezuelan revolution is complex, contradictory and ever-changing. With new spaces for political participation opened to grassroots social movements, once-marginalized Venezuelan citizens have come out of the shadows to demand an active role in society. The direction the Bolivarian process will take is being negotiated, right now, not only in the presidential palace but also in the streets and fields of Venezuela. After new constitutional changes were narrowly rejected by the Venezuelan public the future of Venezuelan is more unsure than ever.

Global Exchange’s Fall/Spring Semester Study Abroad in Mérida, Venezuela is a 15-week academic program designed to increase students’ knowledge of contemporary Venezuelan society and build bridges between advocates of social justice in the global North and like-minded activists in Latin America.The program is built around intensive Spanish language training; courses focused on Venezuelan social movements, history, and culture; and exchanges with community leaders involved in social change on the ground. Participants have the opportunity to earn 18 undergraduate or graduate credits from the prestigious Universidad de Los Andes while engaging with contemporary and alternative development issues both inside and outside the classroom.

Contact:  Edward Ellis edward@globalexchange.org
Website: http://www.globalexchange.org/countries/americas/venezuela/index.html and also http://www.globalexchange.org/countries/americas/venezuela/merida/


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