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World Association for Political Economy 2009

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Call for Papers

The Fourth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE)

Nation, State, and Democratic Governance of the Global Economy and Politics

May 28-29, 2009 in Paris, France

 Hosted by World Association for Political Economy and Gabriel Peri Foundation


WAPE, registered at Hong Kong, China, is an international academic organization founded on an open, non-profit, and voluntary basis by Marxian economists and related groups all around the world. The standing body of WAPE includes the council, secretariat, academic committee and advisory committee. The mission of WAPE is to utilize modern Marxian economics to analyze and study the world economy, reveal the law of development and its mechanism, and offer proper policies to promote economic and social improvement on the national and global level, so as to improve the welfare of all the people in the world. The First WAPE Forum, “Economic Globalization and Modern Marxian Economics”, was successfully held in April 2006 in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China. The Second WAPE Forum, “The Political Economy of the Contemporary Relationship between Labor and Capital in the World”, was successfully held in October 2007 in the University of Shimane, Japan. In May 2008, over one hundred and forty Marxian economists from thirteen countries in five continents attended the Third WAPE Forum held in Tsinghua University, China, to probe into the theme “Marxism and Sustainable Development”. A statement adopted at the Third WAPE Forum, “On Marxism and Sustainable Development,” can be found on the WAPE website at <www.wape2006.org/en>.

The Fourth WAPE Forum, “Nation, State, and Democratic Governance of the Global Economy and Politics”, will be hosted by Gabriel Peri Foundation on May 28-29, 2009 in Paris, France, and will announce the annual award of “Top Ten Academic Achievements of World Marxist Economics”.

l     Topics of the Fourth WAPE Forum

1.      Is there a need for a world currency and world language?

2.      Moving toward democratic global governance by reforming or replacing the WTO, IMF, and World Bank.

3.      Nation, state, and ethnicity.

4.      The Transnational capitalist class and the emergence of state-like structures.

5.      The evolution of the state under globalization — is the nation state obsolete?

6.      The dangers of military Keynesianism and the global armaments trade.

7.      Imbalances in the global trade and financial system and the role of the US dollar.

8.      The financial crisis: causes, effects, policy responses.

9.      Contradictions of neoliberalism and alternatives to neoliberalism.

10.  The global consequences of the end of cheap energy.

11.  The world food crisis: causes, effects, policy responses.

12.  Modern imperialism.

13.  The impact of East Asia on the World Economy.

14.  How to obtain unity among wage earners in the global system.

15.  Conflicts between Europe and the USA.


l     Schedule

1.      Registration on May 27, 2009.

2.      Official program on May 28 through May 29, 2009.


l     Venue

Le Campanile in Pantin, Paris, France.


l     Expenses

All the costs for this forum such as registration fee (300 euros), international travel, and lodging will be covered by the participants.


l     Submission of Papers

Please email your application, your paper of about 4000 words in English including abstract and keywords on the above topics together with your curriculum vitae (stating your affiliation, contacting information, list of published papers, and so on) before January 31, 2009 to hpjjx@vip.163.com (Prof. Xiaoqin Ding/Allen Ding, deputy secretary general of WAPE), and we will send you our official invitation.


Marxian economists from all over the world are welcome to the forum to cooperate with each other to enlarge and strengthen the influence of Marxian economics in the world!





The WAPE Secretariat                                                  September 2008

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